Antonio Jennings
Graphic Designer
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Antonio Jennings is a graphic artist and a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up he always admired art whether it be traditional art, sculpture, comics or the special effects seen in movies and TV. The curiosity within along with the advent of the digital age led him to persue an education in the field of the graphic arts. Working with various clients over the years has granted Antonio a lot of knowledge and increasing skillset. This in turn makes him capable of creating high quality visuals and meeting client demand. Antonio welcomes new and ground breaking experiences as well as the challenges that come with them.

  • Projects
    These are my works

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  • Gently
    Promo Art

    Promotional Art for the Song "Gently" by Royce Carr.

  • Aerialist Hanna
    Aerial Silk Edits

    Aerial pose photos tranformed to different themes.

  • Aerialist Niajae
    Aerial Silk Edit

    Aerial pose photos tranformed to "Tron" theme

  • The Lemon Pool
    Brand Logo

    Logo created for upstart lemonade business.

photo editing

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